Chambre d'hôtes

Plein Sud
biking or sunbathing
horseriding or cliimbing?
stone river
biking or tasting good food
festivals or castles

You can hike in the forests nearly at any season.

It's also wunderful to go by foot, by mountain bike or on a horse. There are many marked paths.
Bicycling is a very favorite activity in the area, with it's magnificent roads. The famouse course "L'Ardèchoise" passes through.

In the summer: you can enjoy sailing , in dinghies or on winsurfs or hire a waterbicycle on the lakes "De Lavalette" or on "Devesset" Picking blue berries, raspberries and black berries can be done along the seasons.

Automn is the great season for mushrooms, many restaurants prepare wunderful meals.

In wintertime when it has been snowing, ski-areas, as Les Estables (50 km, 1h) crosscountry skiing and downhill skiing (several) and St Bonnet Le Froid , Devesset (only cross country skiing) are not very far.

Many historical sites can be visit, like the middle age historical town "Le Puy en Velay", where they celebrate in the middle of september a renassance feast "King Bird"Local tourist offices, organise guided visites (old watermills, house of the " Beata", churches or botanical gardens...)
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