Chambre d'hôtes

Plein Sud


Behind my house, you know what you can see?
There is a gipsycaravan
The most beautiful caravan, caravan in the forest........ Just behind my house

tralonla lonlaire
Tralonla lonla
And tralonla lonlaire

a french song.


The Gipsy Caravan : "Reve de Gitane"

.Comfortable, with a warm and nice decoration.

The Gipsy caravan has been equiped for two people, and when needed for a third person. Double bedded, a sofa - bed, a small" bathroom with shower ", a small refrigerator, to boil some water for your tea or coffee(café).

You wish to be woken up by birds?, or you can perhaps see deercomming by !.

We serve delicious breakfast.

Come and discover our little "gypsy dream", and see who Carmen the Gipsy was.












Album de Photos- Livre d'Or
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